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Throughout our history, self-expression has manifested itself in fashion, literature, design and much more. The Dubai Font is a pathway to unexplored avenues of expression, as the various font weights are freely available for whoever would wish to use them. Individuality knows no limits – and nor should the forms it takes.

The Dubai Font promotes free access to typefaces that can be used in publishing and literature, educational material, branding communication, and high-tech apps and software. It is the result of an endeavor to allow all type users to express themselves freely to the world. Expression has countless shapes and colours, and type is the voice of written communication. The power of expression and the Dubai Font go hand in hand. The aim of the Dubai Font is to offer a powerful and freely accessible tool to share thoughts, ideas, stories and individuality. The essence of your mind through the window of alphabets.

Expression is never stops evolving. It can be old fashioned and modern, resounding with odes to the past and defining the future simultaneously. Expression is timeless and typography is essential to it.

We all crave being understood and expressing ourselves. It is the basis of all human connections. The Dubai Font allows everyone to express themselves freely.

Emote. Write. Bring thoughts to life in a space that has no boundaries and is undefined.

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